About Rhythm N’ Groove

Rhythm N’ Groove was founded in Calgary, Alberta, in February 2012 as a small home-based business, after the music school Lone was teaching at unexpectedly closed down orng meetup02vernight. The owner of the music school had told Lone that they would be closed on February 1st for “redecorating”, and to tell his students that there would be no classes held that day.

Lone was shocked to find out later that everything had been cleared out of the premises on February 1st, and that there would be no more classes held there.

Lone had about 20-25 students at the time, and knew he had to figure something out. Some of his students had already paid their fees for the month of February, which the owner had collected and kept for himself.

Lone felt that it wasn’t fair to leave his students hanging, so with Haze’s help and with limited income and resources, he decided to look for ways to continue teaching them.

Lone and Haze started doing their research and looking at commercial spaces for rent so that Lone could continue teaching his students. Unfortunately, they could not afford a commercial space at the time, so they decided to go with a home-based business.

The place they were renting at the time was a duplex and too small to accommodate his students, but fortunately, the parents of one of his students had just put up one of their properties for rent. They, of course, knew about the situation with the music school closing down and was sympathetic to the circumstances, and as luck would have it, completely favorable to the idea of having Lone conduct his music lessons at their property.

Eventuallyrng meetup01, Lone and Haze also started a meetup group in Calgary, where music lovers get together to jam every week. The meetup group is a sister group to Rhythm N’ Groove, and it is still going strong, with many of the members of the group becoming like family to them.

Rhythm N’ Groove grew out of turning a really bad situation into a good one, Lone’s love of music and for teaching music, the understanding and support of his students, and the amazing spirit of community among music lovers.

Lone and Haze want Rhythm N’ Groove to continue to help music lovers everywhere, and are excited for the next phase in the adventures of Rhythm N’ Groove.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!