Making music out of anything – jeans, water, nipple rings!

You know how we at Rhythm N’ Groove like to say that you can make music out of anything?

Well, this crazy talented guy, Andrew Huang, has recorded tons of songs using all sorts of stuff; household items, jeans, water, a comet, and even a nipple ring! Some of the songs are covers, but a lot of them are originals, and they are really, really, really, good!

He shares how he makes some of these songs on his Youtube channel, and he also has some really great songs that he’s created with regular instruments. Some of his songs are free to download, but you can get all of them for as little as $1 a month if you sign up as a Patreon.

We love to share creativity, and we love to share talented musicians like Andrew with the world!

Check out some of his songs below, and if they leave you wanting more, visit his Youtube channel for more. If those leave you wanting even more, support him and his music through Patreon so that he can keep making more music!

1. “Water” – a song made out of water. I love this one! It’s an original Andrew Huang, and the lyrics are so meaningful and totally appropriate!

2. Music made out of 1000 jeans. This song is an instrumental, uh, I mean, a jeanstrumental, piece. He recorded this video using 1000 pairs of jeans, some drumsticks, and a whole lot of creativity!

3. A song made out of a comet. Andrew sings The Beatles’ “Across the Universe” to this music track made out of real recorded audio of a comet.

4. Rock Paper Scissors. An original rap song! Yes, Andrew raps too! What can’t he do? He’s such a brilliant lyricist, I love how his lyrics are just so perfect for the songs he creates.

5. 99 Red Balloons – played with red balloons. This one is awesome! Check it out!

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