Rhythm N’ Groove Podcast #008: The Art of Practice – How to maximize your efficiency with your practice.

In today’s episode of the Rhythm N’ Groove Podcast, we talk about practicing and how you can maximize the efficiency of your practice for the best results. We share our thoughts on what the best methods of practice are. We talk about the art of practicing, quality of practice versus the quantity of the time spent on practice, we also discuss the secret of practicing without practicing, and how to practice by visualization. We encourage you to share your methods of practicing with us as well, please send your emails to contact@rhythmngroove.com or join the conversation at the Rhythm N’ Groove Facebook group. We look forward to hearing from you!

Resources mentioned on the podcast:

Book: The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Free App: Audipo for Android and iOS (Note for Android: Pro version is $3.99,  7 days trial is available.)



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Song: A Kind of Magic by Queen

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Hazellie Wong has been performing since the age of three, and started performing professionally at 21 years old. She is one half of the band, Dragon In Stilettos. She recently started teaching vocals and describes teaching as one of the most rewarding experiences she's had. She is also an avid book reader, in addition to being a tarot and numerology reader. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram as @hazelleevaughn, and on her personal blog at hazelleevaughn.com